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Monday, June 25, 2018

Daytona Beach Shores: Our Favorite Places

Two weeks ago, we were waking up at the beach. TAKE ME BACK! 

 It has been a struggle getting back into routine, and by that I mean creating one-that nobody follows. Oh well. Long Live summer time. 

We have been going to Daytona Beach Shores in Florida for seven years. We’ve tried our fair share of restaurants and tourist attractions so I thought I would do a little recap of our very favorites through the years.

We aren’t those busy tourists at the beach. We like to go out to the ocean in the morning, have a picnic lunch and chill all day on the sand before we get dressed for dinner.

We love great dinner spots with a fun atmosphere and tend to gravitate to those for our dinners out. Because, hello, kids. 
The kids have always loved Crabby Joe's Deck & Grill. It is actually located on the Sunglow Fishing Pier with open air and covered seating. The simple fact that it is within walking and boarding distance from the condo is a major plus. This is always our first meal out and, oftentimes, it’s a repeat. Our kids love to sit on the side tables and people watch, watch for fish, and guess if there are sharks in the water. Our favorite meal at Crabby Joe’s is breakfast: yummy French toast and a specialty omelet station on the weekends! Lunch and dinner are both delicious too. My favorite entree is the shrimp tacos! There have been so many days that we played on the beach all day and threw on cover ups for dinner at Crabby Joe’s. It’s just the best low-key restaurant we’ve found! We love the versatility and what an easy option it is. 

Aunt Catfish's on the River is probably the adult favorite and one of the kids’ favorites also. It is ALWAYS busy, but they have a fun little playground for the kids and a dock to walk out to the Halifax River. The meals are incredible at Aunt Catfish's. Service is always impeccable. The "cousins" are always helpful and go above and beyond to be sure your visit is worth it. We always leave with full bellies, but it’s hard not too.... They have a full salad and fruit bar and "Fish Camp Fixin's"Bar. Plus cinnamon rolls accompany the meals. We always have to order a batch of fresh-baked cookies. They are SO GOOD. Full bellies, delish dessert, great atmosphere. The only downside is that it isn’t walkable from the beach and coverups wouldn't be the best choice of attire. But it is absolutely worth getting dressed for Aunt Catfish’s!

The boys always have to go to Racing’s North Turn at least once when we’re in town! The restaurant serves as a racing museum as well and they just love all of the memorabilia and race cars in the restaurant. Racing is in their blood and it just excites them so much to visit North Turn. I think there's just something awesome to them knowing that they get to eat there dinner exactly where racing began in Daytona.


North Turn is another great atmosphere. There is a large area for outdoor seating and a cover area, both right on the ocean. Live music covers the noise of grumpy, tired kids and provides some extra entertainment. We love singing along, dancing and people watching. The service is speedy and food is always hot! They have traditional seafood items, but also have Ultimate Nachos that are amazing! AND kid meals are served in little cardboard Chevy Bel Airs! The little things make a big difference for the kids. 

Our final favorite spot is Ho Daddy O's Surf Cream. Located in Ponce Inlet, Ho Daddy O's is our favorite dessert spot in Volusia County. They have the sweetest little set up for the kiddos. Hoola hoops, sidewalk chalk, and plenty of fun, outdoor seating make for a easy and delicious ice cream experience. They serve something for everyone: sundaes, soft serve, shaved ice and Ho Daddy's O's famous surf cream! The ONLY downside is the lack of covered seating. If the weather isn't favorable, we have to get our yummy treats to go. Thankfully, that doesn't affect the taste! 

We truly love the Daytona Beach Shores and Ponce Inlet areas of Volusia County. I can't vouch for the busier area of Daytona as I have, maybe, spent time there twice. BUT we do enjoy the Shores area. The beach is beautiful and clean. There are always people on the beach, but it is rarely overcrowded. It is just a beautiful area with so much to offer. I would highly recommend you take the chance and visit Daytona! We have made so many wonderful memories there! 
Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day Weekend

Friday morning, we headed out early from our week at the beach. Always so bittersweet to leave our favorite place. We tried to convince the hubs to come on down, but he wouldn't commit. Since we couldn't stand missing him anymore, we had to come back to reality! 
We left our best girl behind for one more day of fun and games with her G. I'm pretty sure they had some great quality time which is my girl's love language. Being the oldest of three with two little brothers, that's hard to come by for her. It's always good to see her get her love tank filled! 

We hit the ground running as soon as we got home. As much fun as we had while we were away, we did miss the hustle and bustle of the farm. Our babies were happy to see us all and had grown so much this week. All of the babes are doing really well. The boys will be weaning from their mamas soon and headed off to new homes. Anybody in need of some beautiful billy goats?! 

We spent most of our weekend at the bike track or the lacrosse field. We missed our girl, but it was a good time together with our boys and some great friends. We're so thankful to have found some amazing friends through sports who love our family so well. They make the crazy schedules fun! 

This was Hutt's first time playing travel lacrosse. It was a great experience for us and OH SO HOT! We enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing old ones. I think we all learned a lot and are looking forward to the next tournament. Hess is just ready to put on a uniform. He can't wait to play!

It was an exhausting, fulfilling weekend. I think we all need a weekend from the weekend and vacation from vacation! 

We couldn't help but celebrate our favorite guy this weekend! As always, we are so thankful for him, his leadership and dedication to our crew. There are so many times that he doesn't get the recognition that he deserves. He spent his entire weekend loving and serving our family after holding down the farm solo all week. He is, without a doubt, our biggest fan and the greatest encourager in everything we do! 
We are surrounded by so many strong men and have been blessed to have their influence in our lives. So thankful for the support system that we have. We didn't get to have a big celebration this weekend with them all, but we love appreciate them! 

Anyone else have kids that like to make crazy faces and throw peace signs in every picture? No? Just mine? Tell me it's not so! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Weekend Snap

Let’s have a Weekend Snap post on a Wednesday night, shall we?!

We had a busy weekend! I think we spent as much time in the car as anywhere else, but that’s okay sometimes.

The boys snuck away for a few hours to race and then joined us ladies at a birthday party. Both boys did great and made it to the podium. I can’t say enough how much we love BMX and the friendships and quality time it’s afforded our family. 

AK is still recovering from her knee accident so we got to watch her teammates play softball Saturday morning. She’s been a really great sport, but she’s really ready to get back into the action. We are so ready to see her playing again. 

She did a little more spectating Saturday afternoon at the DK Gold Cup regional qualifier for BMX! Hutt and Hess both raced some good motos. They led from line to line and came away on the top spot. 


It was a late night and a LONG process, but it was fun. We enjoyed some good time with our awesome BMX people. Everyone left overly exhausted but it was worth it. 

We planned a little surprise beach trip to our favorite spot. The kids woke up Sunday to packed bags! They were completely surprised and so very excited. After another BMX race, we headed for the beach.
We’ve been so thankful for this time away! We are missing the man of the house a ton and can't wait to hug his neck. It’s never the same without him here, but we’re thankful that he lets us take the trips even when it doesn’t work with his schedule to come. 
We’re trying to soak up some sun and hit all of our favorite spots!

I just loved this break-taking view tonight before dinner.

If you’re familiar with the Daytona Beach/Port Orange area, what are your must visit spots? We have our favorites, but are always up for trying something new! I'll do a recap of our favorite spot through the years. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
We are so thankful for the wonderful summer weather we’ve had this week! We’ve been able to spend a lot of time doing our favorite things: swimming, playing outside and just being together!

We’ve been trying to be really intentional about an afternoon “rest” break to get some reading done. Everyone’s favorite way to get some reading done is straight from the pool to the Eno! So last week, we did just that!

I Survived the American Revolution

I'm pretty sure we could spend hours and hours in our hammocks! They are so easy to
put up and have been so durable! 

Hess isn't reading yet, but is finally getting to the point that he will sit and look at books for a while. He is remembers the stories that we've read and loves to retell them. 

What are you guys loving to read with your little guys right now? Any good recommendations for older kids? We're always up for adding new books to our collections! : ) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How do weekends fly by so quickly? There gone before they even get here good!

Our Friday evening weather wasn’t the greatest since it rained AGAIN so we decided on a night in. It wasn’t too hard to convince the kiddos of that since they got to get in extra snuggles with our newest farm addition, June aka Junie, Junie B, Junie Bug. We adopted her last Thursday. She is just the sweetest little thing. She is still pretty young so she is hanging with us inside while we finish our barn. Ultimately, our goal is for her to be a barn cat. (and maybe have another friend to help split duties!)

Since AK hurt her knee, she is having to take a break from softball. She hopefully will be back at it after this next weekend. Her team played in a tournament on Saturday and Sunday. AK was so happy to get to watch most of their tournament. She hates missing being on the field, but loves her teammates. We were so proud of them! They played an amazing tournament and came up just a little short from a championship win. BUT second place out of thirty-ish teams isn’t bad at all!

Our boys went racing on Sunday afternoon. Hutt didn’t have great luck and missed out on main events. This transition period between full-time lacrosse to full-time BMX is always a tough time. He just has to get back in that groove.

We’re excited for this week! Surely we’ll have some good weather, lots of pool time, and maybe even check some items off of our Summer Bucket List!
Friday, June 1, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

We are so excited that summer is here! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind with all of the parties, awards & activities. We're thankful that it's all over and that we have a while to just relax. ha! We never relax. 

It was nice to have the long weekend to jump into Summer. Our little lady left us a little early, missed the last day of school and went to the lake for the weekend with her sweet girl cousins. They are just the best to her and really take her under their wings! 

With her being gone, it gave us a little time with the boys to just be and do what they wanted to do. Because, let's face it, it is so much easier to come to a consensus with two kids than three. We spent the time eating Mexican food and ice cream, listening to body function jokes, and swimming. 
We still went to the last day of school award festivities and left there with full hearts. So many sweet words were said about our kiddos! Hutt's grade doesn't do academic awards, but he had a great year! AND he got an award for his ability to work well with others. Super sweet heart this kiddo has! 
AK got Honor Roll, Top Team Player and Most Likely to have a houseful of pets (which is fitting as she's trying to convince me to adopt a stray cat). She also had so many nice things said about her. She's sweet, funny, athletic and just the perfect girl-next-door kind of kid. And that's pretty much what her teacher had to say! 

I feel like we've been dodging rain for weeks on end, but Saturday the sun finally shone down! So the boys got some pool time in before we headed to the lake to our girl. 

With all of the animals, we have to strategically plan to be gone. This weekend was one of those times where we had to feed and plan to be home the next day in time to feed and make rounds again. It made for a short lake trip, but that ended up working out pretty well. AK had an unfortunate accident that guaranteed our laking was over for the weekend. 

We drove home Sunday evening and took her to have her knee checked out on Monday morning. No one seemed to be able to agree on whether or not it was broken. After a visit to the orthopedic doctor, she's a very blessed girl to have everything in tact and whole. LOTS and LOTS of bruising and swelling in her knee have her sidelined for the next few weeks. Of course, we're sad and she's so disappointed to be cheering her teammates on instead of playing with them, but we're also very thankful that it isn't a worse injury. She was just one wrong shift of the knee from a torn ligament or snapped tendon. 
For now, we're trying to coordinate outfits to a knee immobilizer... ; ) 

Our Memorial Day was spent dealing mostly with the knee, but we were able to enjoy the new Avengers movie and dinner with some of our best friends. The movie was good. The ending was questionable. And we didn't take a single picture. It was definitely a good day and provided great reminders to talk with our kiddos about our freedoms and how they don't come without a price. We are incredibly thankful for all of our servicemen and women and, especially, for the ones who have paid that ultimate sacrifice. We continue to remember! 

It has been a busy season already here. We hit the ground running every morning and lay our heads down late every night. We're spending a lot of time unplugged and making memories. Hopefully, we'll be a little better at documenting! 

The kids and I are working on a Summer Bucket List that I will share with you next week. 

Hooray for Friday!!!