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Monday, September 26, 2011



Please be in prayer for a very special friend of mine. She and her husband were in a horrible motorcycle accident over the weekend where they were hit by a drunk driver. Sadly, he did not survive. She is in critical condition. 
Specifically please pray for:
-strength for her.... as she deals with the loss of her husband and the long road of recovery that she has ahead of her. She has extensive injuries that will require a lot of strength and determination to overcome.
-for their children.... as they have lost their daddy and are dealing with their mother's injuries and not having her here with them to help them cope and attempt to understand this tragedy. 
-for their families.... as they try to live their lives while enduring this horrible situation. They need strength to be a support for my friend as she recovers, for the children as they endure this, and to make decisions that no one wants to have to make. 
-for peace.... this is a tragedy. no one understands and many people are asking why. 
-for the person responsible for this accident.... I can't imagine the horrible feeling that this person must have after taking someone's life and causing so much harm to another and rocking a family and community to the core, all because of a horrible decision to drink and drive. Please pray that we all (the family, friends, acquaintances) will be able to forgive this person. The anger and upset is very present. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts for such a special friend. She is a strong, determined person who can do this! She is going to need a huge network of supporters and love! 

It is so hard to understand such tragedy but we must put our faith in God and know that He has a plan for us. He will never put us up to something that we can't overcome. 

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  1. Well said Savannah........God bless all those that are suffering. Only God knows the reasons, and only He will ever have the answers. This is where our faith has to step in, front and center. Love you my friend, Helen