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Monday, October 17, 2011

Brother's Birth Story- Part 1

In celebration of Brother's 2nd Birthday, I want to finally write out his birth story (and a little pregnancy info) before I forget the details. I plan to get Sister's written out too!

We found out that we were expecting our second child mid-February 2009. Our baby was due to arrive on October 26!

At our 12 week appointment in April, the ultrasound tech said that she was able to guess the gender of our baby! She guessed boy! We were so ecstatic to be adding a little baby boy to our family.

In May, the tech confirmed that we would be welcoming a baby boy into our family. We immediately began thinking of what we would call him, as we already knew that he would Hugh Thomas IV. We love that Brother has such a strong heritage behind his name. He is preceded by three very strong, respected men who carry the same name.

My pregnancy with Brother was wonderful. I didn't experience any sickness or problems. It was perfect.
As much as I loved being pregnant, I was so ready to meet our boy. After his sister was born late, I was sure that Brother would be no different.

On Tuesday, October 13th, I had my 38 week appointment. My body was getting ready for labor, but I wasn't there yet. Of course, I questioned the doctor as to if he thought I would go into labor early. He didn't offer much encouragement, but said there was supposed to be storms coming in and that always seemed to correspond with deliveries. I left slightly discouraged and went back to work.

That evening was just a normal night at home for us. We had dinner and loved on our sweet girl. I cleaned after she went to sleep, then I followed her lead.

At 12:45am, I woke up to what I thought was leaking amniotic fluid and contractions. After some calls to the doctor and G (to come stay with Sister), we headed to the hospital to check things out. Sure enough, it was raining! (Apparently the doc knows his stuff!) We stopped at QT on our way and arrived at the hospital just before 4am. We made it back to triage shortly after arriving. The nurse confirmed that my water has broken. I was dilated to 4cm.
We were so ecstatic to be welcoming our sweet boy!

We made it to our room, got IVs, and signed all of the necessary paperwork. We had to sign saying that no one under age 18 was allowed in due to the H1N1 virus. This made for one very unhappy mama as I had so many plans to include Sister in welcoming her little brother.

We called everyone to let them know we were having our baby that day! Gramma went to stay with Sister so that G and II could come to hospital.  We had just the grandparents come to welcome Brother with us. The great-grandparents all came later that day.

I received my epidural and labor continued on in an uneventful fashion. After less than 8 hours of labor and very little pushing, we welcomed the sweetest, most precious little boy into this world. He arrived at 8:30am on October 14th, looking very much like his youngest uncle at 6lbs 4oz! He was tiny and perfect!

6lbs 4oz of sweet baby goodness

Mommy and Daddy with Brother

After a busy day of visiting and showing off our boy, we settled down for the night. The husband and I noticed cloudy liquid dripping out of baby's nose as he slept. We expressed our concerns and were reassured that he was perfectly fine! The following morning, I was more than anxious to get home and share our baby boy with his sister. We got up, dressed and packed to go home with permission from my doctor. They took our baby boy to do his procedure as we packed up our car.

Little did we know, we weren't really going home yet! Look for Part 2 of Brother's Birth Story to here the rest of his story! 

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