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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Daddy's hunting buddy

My baby boy is getting too big. Too quick.
But what a joy he is.

He joined his daddy on their first father/son hunting trip yesterday. They took out quite a few birds!

To say he thoroughly enjoyed himself would be an understatement. He has talked constantly about the pop of the gun and going 'gin' (again)!!!!

He looked pretty stInkin' cute decked out in his camo, too.

I am so glad that he is already building memories with his daddy. I pray that they will always be close, that brother will be confident in his relationship with his daddy. Most of all, I pray they will have a godly relationship that focuses on our Savior, where brother can come to his daddy in a time of need and be pointed to his Heavenly Father for refuge and strength.
Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Hide-n-Seek : )

We had a great time at the Christmas Hide-n-Seek program at preschool. 

The kids have been practicing Christmas music since October. It definitely paid off.

They were both so cute in their Christmas attire. : )

H did a great job performing. His class participated in the first song that all of the kids sang together. Then, they had one other song that they sang with another age group of kids. After they sang, they went back to their classroom to play. 

Sister, on the other hand, HATES the spotlight. She doesn't like anything where she thinks she is being watched..... not pictures, not videos, not anything. So, needless to say, she didn't sing one word of the songs even though she knows them by heart. She stood with her hands at her face the entire time. Of course, she was still beautiful and her shy little giggles were kind of adorable. 

I'm not going to post any pictures from the actual program. The kids were all standing so close that there are other kids in all of my pictures....... not thinking I should post pictures of other people's babies on my blog without permission! : ) 

We are busy preparing for Christmas and waiting on last minute packages to arrive in the mail. : ) 
I'll share some more of our Christmas festivities soon! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas thoughts : )

I've been really pondering Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas. 

I've been thinking of Christmas from Mary's perspective. Can you imagine being in Mary's situation? She had been engaged to marry Joseph, talked with an angel who told her that she would bare God's Son, had to deal with likely ridicule and gossip as she was pregnant and not yet married. Think about Joseph. He had to be an incredible man. The woman he was supposed to marry became pregnant.....with God's Son. Instead of disgracing her, he took her and married her anyway. He loved her Son as his own.

Can you imagine having faith such as this? I pray that we will have faith like Mary and Joseph- that we would believe and trust even when things seem absurd- that we would be willing to travel the road less traveled- instead of bringing shame and disgrace upon those that we love, we would embrace them, care for them, and guide them. 

The Christmas story has so much to teach us.... about true faith, love and sacrifice. Jesus came to seek and save  those which are lost. He left Heaven and came to Earth to save us from our sins. There is truly no greater love! 

I hope that you all have a Christmas filled with the love of Christ! 

One on One.....

Brother has been under the weather for the past week (prayers are appreciated as we deal with a really sensitive pulmonary system) so he's gotten a lot of Mommy-Brother one-on-one time as he missed preschool! He's such a stinker, but such a Mommy's boy : )  

this boy LOVES cars and trucks anything with wheels! 

before a doctor visit
We've changed antibiotics so hopefully the little man is going to start getting well. Despite the yuckiness, he's still as wild as ever. just a little extra cuddly which is perfectly fine with this mama : )

Sister isn't feeling so well now! She has nasty sinuses that aren't very nice to her. Let's pray that her antibiotic kicks in and everyone can get well in time for our Christmas festivities! 

Christmas Hide-N-Seek Program at preschool is today! Hopefully I'll recap tomorrow if everything turns out okay and the kiddos are well enough to participate. 
Monday, December 12, 2011

Ornaments : )

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...... : )

Every year, the babies get their yearly Hallmark ornaments (plus others) from their grandparents.  They love getting new ornaments and hanging them on the tree! 

Sweet girl and her 5th Christmas ornament!
Absolutely canNOT believe that this is my baby girl's 5th Christmas. It seems like just yesterday that she was teeny and didn't have a clue! Baby brother also got to put his 3rd Christmas ornament on the tree..... but he didn't really cooperate for a decent picture with it. 

They are looking so forward to Christmas. We have some presents under the tree that are constantly getting picked up and inspected : ) The kiddos are always so excited to show the present off to the eventual recipient..... however, they're very quick to tell them they can't open it until Christmas! 

We're smack in the middle of the Christmas season. There is so much to do cards to address, a tree to finish decorating, presents to wrap and seemingly so little time to do it. I just want to take this time and soak in this season with the kiddos! 

Hope you all are having a great Christmas season and enjoying your loved ones! 
Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sometimes He just knows when our hearts need a little lift.....

I'm not gonna lie. This week, especially the last couple of days, has been rough. Definitely the most trying few days I've ever had with our little man. It seems that the Terrible Two's are showing up full-force around our house. : ( 
I have been so very frustrated. It just seems that the little guy just isn't getting it. If I take my eyes off of him for two minutes two seconds then he is destroying something. He has always been so sweet, polite and cooperative. Not so much lately. He's destructive, argumentative and stubborn.... completely new kid. 
Not really. He still has his moments of being sweet and completely capturing my heart over again, but those moments have been few and far between. 
Yesterday was HORRIBLE..... 

I don't know why this is sideways.
But, this is my fireplace that little man proceeded to empty while I cleaned up his Bisquick out of our dining room. 
And these are his soot-y little handprints all over my hearth. 
Said soot-y hands..... cute, little chubby hands.

And, then, I check my email to receive this precious picture from little man's fabulous teacher. She took it during chapel today when Santa said, "Let me pray with you. Will you pray with me?"

Definitely made my heart smile. My little cowboy. Even though he is a complete stinker, he's adorable. It makes me so proud to know that we are getting through to him.... that he already understands prayer at the young age of 2. It gives me hope that we can instill a love for Christ in him. That there is hope despite his little tantrums and mischievous actions!