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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sometimes He just knows when our hearts need a little lift.....

I'm not gonna lie. This week, especially the last couple of days, has been rough. Definitely the most trying few days I've ever had with our little man. It seems that the Terrible Two's are showing up full-force around our house. : ( 
I have been so very frustrated. It just seems that the little guy just isn't getting it. If I take my eyes off of him for two minutes two seconds then he is destroying something. He has always been so sweet, polite and cooperative. Not so much lately. He's destructive, argumentative and stubborn.... completely new kid. 
Not really. He still has his moments of being sweet and completely capturing my heart over again, but those moments have been few and far between. 
Yesterday was HORRIBLE..... 

I don't know why this is sideways.
But, this is my fireplace that little man proceeded to empty while I cleaned up his Bisquick out of our dining room. 
And these are his soot-y little handprints all over my hearth. 
Said soot-y hands..... cute, little chubby hands.

And, then, I check my email to receive this precious picture from little man's fabulous teacher. She took it during chapel today when Santa said, "Let me pray with you. Will you pray with me?"

Definitely made my heart smile. My little cowboy. Even though he is a complete stinker, he's adorable. It makes me so proud to know that we are getting through to him.... that he already understands prayer at the young age of 2. It gives me hope that we can instill a love for Christ in him. That there is hope despite his little tantrums and mischievous actions! 

1 comment on "Sometimes He just knows when our hearts need a little lift....."
  1. Okay... I have to admit... I definitely busted out laughing when I read the sentence about him crawling around in the fireplace while you were cleaning his previous mess of Bisquick. Haha!

    It is such a joy to read about your role as a mother and how sweet your kids are (even when they're acting a little mischievous, or openly rebellious). It seems like you and Trey are raising remarkable little ones. That picture is absolutely precious!

    And it seems that you two already have instilled the love for Christ in his little soul. :)