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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years....

and a few little tidbits for memory's sake : )

We spent our New Year's Eve at home with our little loves! We grilled steaks and had cheesy potatoes with cookies as dessert. yep. really piled in the goodies before the new year ; )

I snuggled up with my little people for books, songs, and prayers one more time for 2011. Both of my babies are getting so big. I just adore them and enjoy every little moment with them. 

I attempted to watch some of the NYE coverage on TV with my sweet husband.... instead we both fell asleep, woke up, and went to bed before midnight. I slept like a baby and woke up rested for the first day of the new year! 

On New Years Day, we enjoyed more delicious, not good for your heart food and lots of lovely moments with our families.  Now we're four days into 2012 and it's already flying by too quickly for my liking. 

The only goal I have for 2012 is to be more intentional with my time. I want to slow down, soak up every single moment with my little people. They are so smart and inquisitive... and positively hilarious. Of course, we have our moments. Sister has her 4 year old attitude complete with the head shake and pouty lips. Brother is determined and sneaky and loves for you to watch him do things he's been told otherwise all while he shoots his sly little grin at you. 
Still..... even in those moments, I can't help but thank the good Lord for them, for their determination, their strong opinions. Because I know that if we can direct their spirits, not crush them, they will go far! 

Now for the tidbits.....

Currently, little brother is nearing 27 months old! He's a hoot. His enthusiasm and sense of humor crack me up. He loves Lightning McQueen from the 'Cars' movies.... 'Queen' is his best pal. His love for cars and trucks, in general, is undying. : ) Little man loves to jump and ride his bike. He adores his big sissy and loves to push her buttons and scratch her face : / I guess that's just typical little brother for ya. If you ask him, he is his daddy's boy..... but we're working on the mommy part.

Sister is 3 years and 4 months old. She is incredible. Her intelligence and wittiness amaze me every single day. No joke. She remembers thinks so quickly, sometimes things that I have to really think about to remember. She has a comeback before I can even finish my statement. The little lady is hard headed, compassionate, loyal and confident, yet shy. She knows that she's smart and can outsmart you any day, but she'd rather sit back quietly and let you look like a fool..... unless you're her mama and then she's happy to fight toe-to-toe. of course.... mother-daughter relationships. : ) Currently, the little miss has been enjoying dancing her heart out to Just Dance Kids on the Kinect and playing with her babies and Calico. 

I just love them. to the depths of my soul. They're, by far, two of the best things that have ever happened to me. 
Thank you, Lord, for these precious babies! 

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