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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We have thoroughly enjoyed the nice weather over these past couple of days. After so much rain and cold, we were in serious need of some outside time and sunshine. We may or may not have been getting tired of being cooped up inside together! : )
I'll admit- I'm a winter girl. I LOVE bundling up, snow and cold weather. Don't get me wrong, i love summer time too....the lake, pool and water sports o my!
My little warm weather lovers had such a great time outside. Our attitudes were starting to stink and patience was growing thin. So, we went out and practiced softball with Sister ( she only had a month or so left before tee ball practice starts..... Exciting!) and drew with chalk. We played and ran and laughed a lot.
I love how the Lord gives us these wonderful moments when we need them the most!
Here are a few pictures of my adorable little people! I'm off to finish prepping for our long weekend of celebration! On Friday, we celebrate FIVE wonderful years of being married! We have a fun-filled little adventure planned. No worries. The little people will be here (and GREATLY missed) to hold down the fort with some pretty special people. Details to come later on five years of being married to my best friend and our celebration.
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