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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tebow Mania

I know. The Broncos got beat out of the play-offs. 

There's one thing I've learned during this football season:
You either love Tim Tebow or you hate him. And every person seems to be pretty proud of their opinion. 

I think he is a pretty jam-up guy (despite that little decision to play for the Florida Gators.... just can't love that). He has strong faith and isn't afraid to show it. He doesn't hide how he feels or his praise to his Heavenly Father. He doesn't try to beat the Bible into people, but just shares his faith. 

It is incredibly frustrating to me that he has received so much ridicule for his portrayal of his love for Jesus. He is in a position where thousands of people can have their eyes opened to the love of Jesus just by watching him play a game or do an interview. Why is it okay for players and coaches (and anybody else in the public spotlight, for that matter) to be profane and promote immoral actions, but so controversial for Tebow to pray on the sidelines before a football game? 

As a mother of a son, who will most likely love sports, I can't help but hope that he chooses someone with such remarkable character as Tebow to be his role model. I would much rather him choose to model his actions after and strive to achieve things the way that Tebow has, with such a Christ-exuding attitude, rather than someone who curses, breaks the law, hurts others, and acts irresponsibly. 

I have no doubts that Tim fails in his walk with Christ every day. Isn't that what it is about though? Striving to walk our daily lives like Christ, but failing miserably because we simply can't do it on our own. That is why Jesus came to this earth to begin with. As humans, we can't possibly be good enough, perfect enough, kind enough, compassionate enough to earn our way into Heaven. When we trust in Jesus to be our Savior, He cleanses us and covers our sins with His blood for eternity. We should still strive to please Him and show His love to others. We need to tell everyone we meet about Jesus, in hopes that they too can trust in Him and become one of His children. 

I want to be more like Tebow- not ashamed of my faith in Jesus and proclaiming His name to the world!

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