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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday

-Sheesh! How is it already Thursday? This week has flown by.

  • We've experienced a bit of a schedule change this week. With my class schedule, I'm not home nearly as much as the kids as accustomed to. Thankfully, they have two wonderful grandmothers that love on them while I'm gone! : ) Actually, they have six grandmothers total (including their greats) but there are two of them who stay with the little ones most often.
  • This morning, little brother cried about going to school. He said, "Mo cool. home, you mommy" Meaning, 'no school. home with you mommy.' melt my heart. 
  • The little ones have been enjoying bath time with their boats and other toys. The little man let me snap his picture.    

  • I've also been doing a few little projects. Actually, I've had quite a bit of help from my sweet husband. After sanding this spool down, we painted it orange. I plan to use it as a bed side table for my little guy. We'll see how it looks in his room. I'll post pictures once it is in place. 

  • I also got this awesome table from my mother-in-law as part of my birthday present. which is on Saturday... not that it matters  :) My plans are to pick up three or four antique books to stack, as well as some new pictures for the table.  I picked up the chairs from my grandparents. They were bought in the 1960's and were headed for the thrift store. I saved them and plan on recovering them once I find a material I like. For now though, the orange tweed and even the green velour are growing on me.  thoughts? opinions? 

  • I drove down our road and way out of the way after I picked the kids up from school. We had already had lunch and they needed a nap so badly! Both kiddos successfully fell asleep. Sister woke up when I put her in her bed. Little man is still snoozing. : ) 
  • We've been so crazy and tired around here. Between new exercise routines, school schedules and birthday celebrations, we are all wiped out! 
  • I joined Moms Clean Air Force. More info to come on that. You can follow the link. Basically, the organization promotes a healthy environment and clean air for our kids! I feel like it's important to do our part in saving the world that our kids are growing up in. 
  • We're in the midst of working on some new environmentally friendly things around here. Maybe I'll write a post on that. 
I think that's enough randomness for one day! 
Have a great afternoon and a wonderful Friday! 

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