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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midweek Randoms : )

I've been a horrible blogger lately! There are so many thoughts swirling around in my head, but lots of things swirling around in real life, too. 

  • Addi is diving right into her first tee ball season. She is on a co-ed team, with her daddy as the coach. The first meet-and-greet didn't go over so well. She cried maniacally and wouldn't participate at all. She loved the second practice and jumped right in. She's a pretty awesome little ball player. She has good genes for that, apparently. Nope. she. doesn't. get. it. from. her. mom. : ( More like her awesome daddy and cousins. 

  • Trey was out of town over the weekend. We are so thrilled to have him back home. We definitely enjoyed our time spent eating out and shopping, but its much nicer to have Daddy back home. Things just flow better and routine goes smoother, which is essential for my little robots.

  • The weather has been nice when it isn't raining. We have enjoyed a couple of afternoons outside riding bikes and exploring. Moods are always so much better when we can get out and release some energy. Hutt loves to ride his bike. He asks to go out five thousand times every. single. day. 

he likes to 'fix' it.

  • We recently finished a study in our Sunday School class on Malachi and empty religion. I've been thinking about motives and the condition of my heart. I want to do as I'm called to do, having a pure heart and the correct motives. We shouldn't strive to serve for our own glory because we feel like we should be serving. We should strive to glorify God through our service that we want to give to him. So. I'm working on my heart.
  • I just looked at my calendar. SEVEN more weeks of class. Approximately EIGHT weeks and I will be finished with my degree. I can hear the hallelujah chorus! 
  • The kids are having some sinus issues. We've been sickness free for about 6 weeks now, which is a record for Hutt. We are treating reflux. The medication for that has made a huge difference. I still plan to post on this and the TEF relationship.  Now, I think we're just battling bad sinuses. Not looking forward to this yuckiness at all. 
  • Tomorrow is March 1st. I am so so ready for Spring. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the day!                  
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