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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Musings

This weekend, we excitedly celebrated the marriage of my younger brother and his lovely fiancé. I am thrilled for them and can't wait to see what the future holds for them! I'm a bit sad that it's over but so excited to have a sister added to the family!
I'm exhausted and worn out from all of the festivities. I want to share a few photos that you probably already saw on Facebook. Hopefully, I'll get around to a complete recap.

For now, I plan on being busy focusing on my little family of 4! Sometimes, it seems that life gets so busy that we lose our focus of what's ultimately important. We get so worried about what is going on around us that we lose focus. With this warm weather, it's the perfect time to just BE... be at home, be together and love each other!
Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our last day at the beach

We had great weather again. Nearly 80 degrees at least and sunny! We stayed on the beach ( or in the pool if you are a certain little lady ) for the majority of the day and enjoyed an early dinner at Crabby Joes on the pier.

In pictures.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Four and a half

We are now closer to Addi turning 5 than we are to her having turned 4!
She is such a sweet and beautiful ball of sass. She is so caring yet very quick-tempered. There's no gray area with this girl. It's either black or white and takes about .1 seconds to switch between the two!
She's so smart! Addi writes like a champ and is learning to spell and read. She loves school and her friends!
She loves to sing and dance and just have fun. She adores the beach.... mostly the water. Girlfriend swims like a fish!
She is just such a joy!

Addi Kate---
I cannot believe you are so close to 5 years old. I'm not really sure when my little baby girl turned into such a big girl! You are such a hoot. You definitely keep me on my toes. I never know what you're going to ask me next or what's going to come out of your mouth!
I hope that you know how much your daddy and I adore and love you. And that we always will. You will never understand just how lucky we are that God gave us you!
Your daddy, brother & I are always on your team. We love you more than you will ever know!
I love you Sweet Girl!

Daytona Day 2

We had a wonderful second day. The weather was beautiful. Mid-70's and sunny. The wind wasn't too bad either!
We enjoyed a great day on the beach. Addi loved running through the freezing water. She is definitely her daddy's child! 'cause this mama doesn't want any part of cold water!!! On the other hand, Hutt is all about digging in the sand. He would go down to the water but run, saying 'water comin', when the waves came in. He was content just playing and running in the sand.
After playing on the beach, we came up to the condo, napped and snacked, of course. This mama made the mistake of sitting out on the balcony while the kiddos napped. Now I look like a lobster.... which is going to look fab this weekend for the wedding. Lots of lotion and sunscreen will be used between now and then!
For dinner, Addi chose Crabby Joe's. We walked to the restaurant and enjoyed the nice weather. Addi wasn't up for pictures last night. Surprise! Surprise! I did get some evidence of what it looks like when the little lady is wrong... She's not a big fan to say the least.

Monday, March 12, 2012

We made it.

We had a safe trip down on Saturday. It took quite a bit longer with a lot more stops than normal, but we made it.

Yesterday, the weather was warm with lots of strong winds. We went out onto the beach for a little bit. Hutt fell down into the cold water so we had to head to the hot tub.
It's bike week here so we've enjoyed seeing lots of motorcycles and excited smiles from the little guy.
Hand, foot & mouth is on it's way out. Hutt is much better but still sporting some feet blisters. Addi's sores are more concentrated in her mouth. So, she's not really eating much at all.
We're all missing the daddy, but we are really enjoying our time with G!
Friday, March 9, 2012

It's about time...

I suppose.
So far, we've avoided those dreaded, highly contagious sicknesses. You know... The ones that make you cringe and say a little prayer when you hear of someone having them. Strep. Chicken pox. Pink eye.
Hand, foot & mouth....

Hutt contracted that above nastiness and shared it with his sister. I've decided that the name is quite inaccurate. It should be called something regarding the entire. body.

The little guy started running a fever and feeling bad on Monday. He wasn't really interested in eating or drinking. Or anything at all for that matter.
By Wednesday, he had a rash on the back of his legs and beginning on the soles of his feet. Yesterday, by the end of the day, the poor baby had blisters and bumps all over his feet, hands, face & mouth, arms, legs and back. He was pretty miserable. This morning, he seems to be feeling better. His appetite has increased some too.
On Wednesday afternoon through last night, Addi consistently ran a fever nearing 103. Thank the Lord that it broke, allowing her to get some rest. She did wake up complaining of a sore throat. I'm assuming that the blisters and bumps are coming for her as well.
Hutt's sleeping is significantly better than earlier this week! Thank goodness. This mama is running on fumes. And coffee. And Dr Pepper.

Praying that the salty air will help the babies feel better. We are off for a girls and Hutt trip to the beach with our favorite G!

Here are the little sicklies earlier this week!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Valentine's Eve

I wrote his post on the night before Valentine's Day. I'm not sure why it never posted......

I am overcome with emotion for my little people tonight. Love specifically. I am so very thankful for my babies that the Good Lord entrusted to me. They bring me so much joy and happiness.
A few photos of the little cuties over the last couple of days.

Mommy loves you, lovebugs! Happy Valentine's Day.