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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Busy busy!

It's been a busy week!
Addi has ball practice two nights each week and a game every Friday night. She is still doing great and getting better all the time. Here she is with some of her friends at our game this week.

We were able to add to our family this week! We adopted the sweetest Cane Corso puppy, named Zora. She is 6 months old, born on Hutt's birthday thjs past year. She and Nox love each other! Her former situation was much less than ideal for any dog, but especially for her breed. We are excited to be loving her and working with her!

We had a low key morning this morning. We relaxed and had a big breakfast. It's nice to just have time to be together with no pressure or expectation. The little people and the daddy did some demo work on our woods today! They're working on scraping the ground smooth and removing some trees.

This little lady is loving her daddy an extra lot lately. This last week, she wanted him to pick her up from school two days and has enjoyed extra night time snuggles!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend : )

Friday night, the little lady had another tee ball game. She got some great hits and did awesome playing the field! We are so proud of her!!!
Saturday, we went to a bike event put on by Walton Wellness. The kids got fitted for new bike helmets. They enjoyed riding around and getting some exercise.
The highlight of the day was our fishing trip. The kids have fished off the dock at the late but they've never gone anywhere for the sole purpose of fishing. They just received new fishing poles as a gift from their daddy : ) And have been itching to use them. We went to the husband's great-aunt and uncle's pond and fishes the afternoon away. The littles loved it! They could see the baby fish along the shoreline in the shallow water. We even saw a snake and a salamander. The little lady got to reel in her daddy's catfish and let me tell you, that. was. it. She was hooked. (hehehe) From that point on, she was all business.

The little man was all about catching 'BIG fishies' too. He's just a bit wiggly to catch anything. His pole is never still!!!

Our Sunday was nice as well. We enjoyed church and celebrating uncle Zach-y's birthday.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We had a wonderful Easter! It was spent focusing on our family and remembering the true meaning of Easter. As a Christian, the Resurrection is the meaning behind our religion. Yes, the Christ's virgin birth is miraculous. Without Him coming to earth, nothing else in our faith would be existent. What makes it all so important is Jesus' death on the cross for our sins and His resurrection from the grave. Without this, there would be no payment for our sins, no Risen Savior to serve.

Of course the kids woke up to Easter baskets and participated in egg hunts. We also spent a great deal of time reminding them of the reason behind the celebration.

I failed to get a family picture of the 4 of us in our Easter outfits. The only photo from church I have is this one:

I love these ladies!

The rest of our Easter day pictures from my phone:

This little guy was so tired! He is a master egg hunter. He loved it. The little lady was a little less excited about everyone watching her hunt eggs. She got the hang of it and caught up to her brother.

We also dyed eggs but those pictures are on my camera. I'll add those later!


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Saturday, April 7, 2012

We've been busy!

we have been loving life lately! We are immersed in tee ball, summer weather in spring, and just enjoying each other. Addi is doing great in tee ball. She is really starting to come into her own out on the field. She can hit off of a pitch and does great in the field!
Hutt loves tee ball, too! He lies playing with the bigger kids at practice. He's becoming quite the little ball player himself. All of a sudden, he talks ALL the time. His enunciation has really improved. We also are hearing sentences. I am so thankful for his progress!!!
Our weather has been unseasonably warm so far this spring. We've even filled up our little pool!
Today, we enjoyed lunch in a nearby town. We were able to eat outside. The kids loved being able to walk around town, get ice cream and visit the 'fishies' in a little park area.

We are excited for Easter tomorrow. I am so thankful that Jesus died on the cross and rose again to rescue me from my sins.


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