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Saturday, June 23, 2012

In the distance....

Yesterday, as we sat on the beach, I saw a storm brewing out over the ocean. It was a big, dark cloud that looked like it was going to put a damper on our fun.

As we talked about which direction it was moving, I couldn't help but think of all the time I've spent worrying about a life storm brewing ahead of me. I am the world's biggest worry wart. I worry about everything. And, honestly... half of the things I worry about never.happen.
I had read Matthew 6 earlier and immediately it was brought back to my mind. specifically these verses.

In the moment, I wasn't worried about wearing, eating, drinking or going anywhere. I was worried about a storm and how it might ruin our moments on the beach. BUT the Lord used that storm to remind me that He takes care of us. He is there for us. And He will be sure we have what we need. And I can definitely apply that to some other situations in my life right now. I just love to see His hand on us!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A much-enjoyed visit

This past Monday, we were able to spend some time with some members of Trey's family who live out of town. One if his great-aunts, her daughter and family came to visit from California. His cousin has a little boy who is only 6 months older than Hutt. Those boys had the best time. They played and played and made the cutest, funny faces!

Addi had a great time too! She always loves to play with her Aunt Sandy. She likes to play with the boys and boss them around!

Our visit was very short...too short. But it was much enjoyed and appreciated! We wish that they all lived closer to home here in Georgia.


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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mid-week randoms : )

Happy Thursday!

  • We are on day 6 post-op for Addi. To say she has been a trooper is an understatement. We have had very few moments and only two rough nights. She handles her medicines like a champ and is even starting to take Tylenol during the day instead of Lortab. We are in the midst of what is supposed to be the worst part of recovery and she is doing great!

  • The entire family seems to be suffering from a bit of cabin fever. The little lady especially is so very tired of being cooped up at home. She's only been permitted to visit her G and she's ready to be out and about. She is hoping to make a visit to see all of our friends at Kellie's today!

  • I am anxiously awaiting the new Life Planners debut from Erin Condren. I LOVE mine and can't wait to get a new one to start adding my next year's appointments. If you don't have one, visit her site here and keep a look out for the new planners coming out mid-June.

  • My sweet mama got me a gift certificate to get my nails done. I am so excited to go! I need some shellac!

  • We are getting close to our beach vacation! All 4 of us are so excited and can't wait to head south to Daytona! My little people can't wait to hit the sand and visit Crabby Joe's and Aunt Catfish's! You can read a little about our last beach vacation here.

  • Just a few pictures:

Sweet baby fell asleep on the floor

Baby Boy loves his race cars!

  • I've been dealing with a bad MacBook charger for quite a while. It wouldn't really charge unless you held the magnet tightly up to the connection point. Yesterday, Trey bought me a new charger from a store near his office. I'm excited to be back in business on the little Mac.

Have a good day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

A little bit about Hutt

my baby went with daddy to get a hair cut. we had talked about
a short, spiky style. but this mommy's heart wasn't ready for the little boy
with spiky hair that came back home.

The hair cute reminded me that my baby is quickly turning well probably already turned into a big boy.

I haven't done an update solely on Hutt in quite a while. So, here it goes.

Hutt, you turned 2 1/2 on April 14th. yes. you're now getting super close to 3!

  • You are potty-trained, talk up a storm, and can ride a bike like a pro.

  • You love trucks, race cars and motorcycles.

  • Your favorite thing to do is play outside. preferably in the dirt. with your daddy.

  • Speaking of your daddy, you are certainly daddy's boy. You love him to pieces and find it hysterical to tell me that you're 'daddy's baby'. And I think you look more like him every day! and I wouldn't have it any other way!

  • Recently, you've decided that you love to sing! You randomly bust out a "Jesus Loves Me" or "Happy Birthday" fairly often. It's the sweetest thing. I LOVE to hear you sing.

  • goodness, there is so much about you! I can't even recall it all at once to put down in this post. I need to keep a draft and just add your funny sayings and actions to it!

moving rocks and leaves with daddy


You are such a joy! Wherever you go, you fill the space with laughter, enthusiasm and happiness. You have a dynamic, happy-go-lucky personality. Determination and confidence are two things that possess in great quantities. You seem to think that you can conquer the world. You are proud and humble at the same time. You love Jesus and know that He loves you, too. It makes me so happy to hear you singing Jesus' name over and over when you're by yourself. You care so much for others and love to help other people, and even animals.
I am so proud of the little boy that you are! I pray that all of these qualities and attributes will carry you far. that you will always love Jesus and share him with others. that you will always be proud of who you are and not ashamed to share yourself with the world!
I love you most, Baby Boy!


looking like daddy

borrowing sunglasses

Friday, June 1, 2012

Out of surgery

Addi is out if surgery. Doctor said she did great. She had big tonsils and even bigger adenoids. She should be a completely different breather, no more apnea. Please pray for a quick recovery and a good attitude!


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Today is the big day! There is something about handing over your baby to someone else, knowing they're going to be put to sleep and then the insides of their bodies are going to be changed. I have no doubt that we are going to be in one of the very best facilities in the nation with some of the very best doctors and nurses around. We were in the exact same place two and a half years ago with a teeny baby boy. It's not new stomping ground. But it's still scary. 
Last night, I opened up my devotional book to May 31. Below is what I saw:

I love to see the Lord's presence in my life. It's no coincidence that I was given a devotional book with this passage written for the day before my baby girl's surgery. He knew that I would need this reminder. 
I'm fearful. I trust that everything is going to turn out fine, that she will be so much better after she's all healed up. no more sleep apnea. no more serious snoring. no more marbles in her throat. It'll be worth it. I'm still afraid of handing my girl over. I'm scared of how she'll be afterwards. She's known for her dramatic side. And I'm scared of it, knowing she's going to be in pain.
As her mommy, it's my job to be there for her. to love her. snuggle her. take care of her. tell her it's going to be okay. And this afternoon? She's probably not going to want to her any of it. She's probably going to be pretty ticked. 

This devotional passage helped me to remember a couple of things: 
1. The Lord my God is going to be with us today. when we hand her off. when she's in surgery. when she wakes up. when she's in pain. tomorrow. the next day. and the next. always. 
2. I am to be strong and courageous today. I can't let fear stop me from being my best for Addi. She doesn't need to know I'm scared. In the Bible passage, God is telling Joshua, "I'm sending you to do a job. Fear is going to be the enemy. Do not let it stop you." Today, my job is to be there for Addi. And I can't be afraid to do my job. 

We can apply this passage to so many areas in our lives. Whether you're facing a job change, a move, relationship changes, if it's something that God has planned and a path he has set you on, you can't let fear stop you from doing it. From the little things to the big things, He is there for you. He will be you with you wherever you go.

We will be so very appreciative of your prayers today. Please pray for the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist that will be caring for my girl. Please pray for her. a speedy recovery. that she will be cooperative and understanding of the pain and trials over the next couple of days. Please pray for her mommy and daddy. for strength and courage. for patience and peace. for an ability to focus so much attention on Addi yet still give Hutt the love and attention he needs. Please pray for her little brother. He's getting some much loved time with Gramma and Pops so he's not really caring right now. Please pray for him to understand as a lot of our attention is focused on Addi and for him to understand her condition and need for extra love. 

I will update later from my phone as I can. Follow me on twitter @_savannamcm for more up to the minute updates.