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Saturday, June 23, 2012

In the distance....

Yesterday, as we sat on the beach, I saw a storm brewing out over the ocean. It was a big, dark cloud that looked like it was going to put a damper on our fun.

As we talked about which direction it was moving, I couldn't help but think of all the time I've spent worrying about a life storm brewing ahead of me. I am the world's biggest worry wart. I worry about everything. And, honestly... half of the things I worry about never.happen.
I had read Matthew 6 earlier and immediately it was brought back to my mind. specifically these verses.

In the moment, I wasn't worried about wearing, eating, drinking or going anywhere. I was worried about a storm and how it might ruin our moments on the beach. BUT the Lord used that storm to remind me that He takes care of us. He is there for us. And He will be sure we have what we need. And I can definitely apply that to some other situations in my life right now. I just love to see His hand on us!

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