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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mid-week randoms : )

Happy Thursday!

  • We are on day 6 post-op for Addi. To say she has been a trooper is an understatement. We have had very few moments and only two rough nights. She handles her medicines like a champ and is even starting to take Tylenol during the day instead of Lortab. We are in the midst of what is supposed to be the worst part of recovery and she is doing great!

  • The entire family seems to be suffering from a bit of cabin fever. The little lady especially is so very tired of being cooped up at home. She's only been permitted to visit her G and she's ready to be out and about. She is hoping to make a visit to see all of our friends at Kellie's today!

  • I am anxiously awaiting the new Life Planners debut from Erin Condren. I LOVE mine and can't wait to get a new one to start adding my next year's appointments. If you don't have one, visit her site here and keep a look out for the new planners coming out mid-June.

  • My sweet mama got me a gift certificate to get my nails done. I am so excited to go! I need some shellac!

  • We are getting close to our beach vacation! All 4 of us are so excited and can't wait to head south to Daytona! My little people can't wait to hit the sand and visit Crabby Joe's and Aunt Catfish's! You can read a little about our last beach vacation here.

  • Just a few pictures:

Sweet baby fell asleep on the floor

Baby Boy loves his race cars!

  • I've been dealing with a bad MacBook charger for quite a while. It wouldn't really charge unless you held the magnet tightly up to the connection point. Yesterday, Trey bought me a new charger from a store near his office. I'm excited to be back in business on the little Mac.

Have a good day!

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