the moments that create my life

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i'm back..... : )

There has been so much going on lately. So much. Not much can be shared on the blog, but prayers for the situations and decisions are very much appreciated.
We enjoyed a very busy July, celebrated a wedding of some dear friends, and dove into Addi's second season of rec ball, first time playing softball on an all girl team. We're all enjoying making some new friends that we hope will be lasting as we continue on this journey of team sports! : )
Both kiddos started back to school last week! Addi is in k-4. Hutt is in the Two's class!
As we enter the busiest couple of months birthday-wise in our family, I am trying to get into party planning mode! It is so hard to believe that my little babies will soon be 3 & 5! My mama heart is so sad, yet so incredibly happy and proud! Their daddy celebrated his birthday first, last weekend. We love him and enjoyed celebrating him on his special day!