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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Hutt Chronicles. A little catch up!

Here's a huge post of randomness about my little guy. Since I'm a huge blog slacker.
I posted Hutt's new haircut back in June. His cute little mohawk...... Right after we got home from vacation, he decided he needed a new 'do! Addi came into the kitchen while I was cooking dinner one night and informed me that Hutt had cut his hair. The little stinker walked around the corner and, as I gasped, I nearly started crying. He had clipped out the center of his mohawk. So. I had a cute little boy with a buzz cut for a while.. It has since grown out and been shaped up..... to a normal hair cut. Sorry folks. I'm just not a fan of the buzz.....

Hutt has been the super interested in Superman lately. He runs around saying, "Superman! To the rescue!", while thrusting his fist into the air. He's just so cute acting like a superhero.
Over the summer, we went to a birthday party for one of Addi's friends. On the way to the car, she lost her balloon. Hutt thought it was so awesome that "Addi's boon 'balloon' go to moon!" Last night, when I was putting him to bed, we had a little conversation about that ballon.....
Hutt: "Mommy, Addi's boon go to moon?"
Me (a little confused): "What, Buddy?"
Hutt: "Addi's geen, polkie dot boon at Parker's party go to moon?"
Me: "O, yes baby. Addi's balloon flew up into the sky. Do you think it made it to the moon?"
Hutt: "Yep. Me get big, me be Superman and fly to moon, get Addi's boon. Give it to her."
Isn't that just the sweetest?! He is always so concerned about his big sissy. He has such a sweet & caring heart.

The little guy loves helicopters! He found one that belonged to his daddy. He has so enjoyed playing with it. and sleeping with it. He also loves cars of any kind. especially race cars.

He thinks it's hilarious to call people 'stinky tails'. which is probably about 100% my fault since I call him a stinky tail when he's being a mess.

He loves to ride his bike. He has a balance bike, with no pedals. He's gotten to take it to the BMX track. And boy was Seriously he can't wait to go back. Hence his awesome birthday present front G & II.

Anything rodeo related catches his eye! He loves belts and boots and bucking bulls and broncs. He says he's going to ride a bucking bull when he gets big.
O and he's going to ride a 'big, huge rocket ship. to the moon.'
Baby boy has a heart for the dangerous. No fear. And this Mama's heart is scared to death of his crazy dreams!
I hope to get an update on the big 5 year old sister done for tomorrow!