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Thursday, October 11, 2012

five! 5! FIVE!

Where has the time gone?

She's five. 5! FIVE!

Baby girl, when in the world did you get so big? so grown? I know I say this all the time and ask you how you've grown up so quickly,but it doesn't even seem possible for you to be five. Somedays, it seems like we just welcomed you into our family yesterday and have had you forever at the same time.
Addi Kate, you are certainly the most precious, incredibly beautiful, perfect girl for our family. You're funny and serious. bossy and willing to please. smart as a whip. pure joy. talented. caring. You're shy around new people, never quick to jump right in to new groups or situations. But. Let you warm up and you are a bundle of silliness and giggles.
You are the perfect mix of girly girl and rough-and-tumble, in-the-dirt girl. You always.always.always have a baby doll. Loving, swaddling, changing and feeding babies is your specialty. That's a little character trait that you may have gotten from me, baby girl. We love our babies and taking care of other people. You definitely have your daddy's athletic ability. Softball is definitely your first sport love. Not much makes you happier than practice or games with your team. Daddy and I have loved watching you make friends on the field. We know that these girls will likely be some of your best friends. You were just introduced to your first set of golf clubs for your birthday. It may not be as natural to you as your first time with a bat and ball, but you're going to be great at golf too. Just set your mind to it and you'll be besting daddy and II at the driving range in no time.
You really enjoy school. Everyday, you ask if it's a school day. Daddy and I are so glad that you love school. You're incredibly smart. You can write your letters, your entire name, our pets' names. You're even starting to recognize and read some words! Some of your proudest accomplishments at school and Sunday school are memorizing your Bible verses. You have a new verse each month at school and every couple of weeks at Sunday school.
We love you more than you will ever know, sweet girl. You make us so proud. Hutt absolutely adores you. You two are the very best of friends.

I love you baby!


4 comments on "five! 5! FIVE!"
  1. Happy Birthday Addi! Wow you have grown up so much! Sending love your way on your bday! Love, Ms. Brenda

    1. Thank you! I will definitely read this to her.

  2. So precious!! Happy birthday, Addi!! And Savanna - this is such a sweet note! Please tell me you're journaling this for her somewhere special!! What a gift!

  3. Thank you! I'm planning on having my posts printed for both kids eventually! That way, they will have it all.