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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

Just some random thoughts and moments to share : )

  • Last night, Addi finished up her first season of 5-6 softball. I could do an entire post on the season itself, but I need to collect pictures from our families first. Trey and I were either on the field or in the dugout so I don't have many pictures. Our little team did so great. They learned a ton and really had a good end of the season. Addi loves first base! She just smiles and smiles when she gets an out. 

  • We were late getting to preschool this morning. A certain little man decided to sleep until 8am and his sister slept until 830! Hallelujah! Two late nights at the ballpark will do that to you, I suppose. 

  • Hutt got to go down the bouncy slide in PE today! I had his sweet teacher send me a picture of him. He's too speedy to get many pictures. He was SO excited though. 

  • This morning, I had to go get Addi from school early. (yes. late to school. picked up early. winners.) She had a bad headache and just wasn't acting herself. Her teacher said she didn't have her 'sparkle' and that just wasn't normal. She seems better tonight. Hopefully, she's just dealing with being tired and a little allergy issues. 

  • Hutt got to have a sweet lunch date with his G today! I think he really enjoyed not having to share the spotlight! : ) A little special one on one time is good for everybody.

  • After good naps this afternoon, I caught these two cuties playing manger scene together. It's rare to catch sweet moments of play on camera. Addi always runs from me. Hutt is normally to quick to get anything but a blur. Mommy wins today. 

  • We're excited to get back into a normal routine around here. Lots of time at the ball field and just life, in general, has been hectic around here. It's been nice tonight to have some time 'off'.... to just be here. together. 


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