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Monday, November 19, 2012

this little indian

Of course, I know I'm biased, but this little guy made the cutest little boy indian I've ever seen. Thanksgiving Feasts were last Thursday at preschool. All of the kids were so cute dressed up like indians. Big sister hung out in her classroom with G. She cried and didn't participate so we don't have any pictures of her in her cute little costume. She panicked over her head piece. Panicking and crying seems to be a common thing for her. Poor girl hates any unrequested attention. We're currently taking suggestions on how to remedy this problem. ; )

those little praying hand and squinched eyes.

We all had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with our school friends. Now, we're super exciting to be preparing for our feast on Thursday with so much of our awesome family! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

random holiday thoughts.

Thanksgiving is in less than a week! I'm in an excited panic mode. See, we're hosting nearly 40ish people for the big day. My house needs to be deep cleaned in a BAD way. Food has to be prepared. We get to have most of our very favorite people in our house, celebrating all of the reasons we have to be thankful. Because, honestly, there are tons and tons of reasons to be thankful. 

In the midst of Thanksgiving prep, I am fighting the urge to bring out bits of my Christmas decor. I don't want to go full fledged into Christmas decorating mode before Thanksgiving because I don't want to feel like we're having Christmas twice. BUT....I'm writing this drinking Peppermint Mocha coffee and listening to Pandora's Christmas station. I am ready. I absolutely love Christmas. Positively, it's my favorite time of the year! 

Decorations are planned. I'm in search of a neat little Advent calendar for the kiddos. We're shifting our focus this Christmas season. It's going to be much less about what we get, even less about the gifts we give to our families. I want to focus on giving to those who truly need it. who go without, and sharing the true meaning of Christmas. Because....honestly, if Christ hadn't been born, lived, died and risen again, all else is lost.  
Friday, November 9, 2012

Let's Do This.

I've felt led to do something for others for a while now. My heart has been heavy for the lost, the orphan and the widow. Of course, there are so many other people in need as well. These are just the groups of people that have been laid on my heart.

Kelly at Kelly's Korner wrote a great post on Pure Charity earlier this week. Please go visit her blog. The link to her blog takes you to a great explanation about the charity. This charity partners with companies who donate percentages of online sales to different mission projects. This doesn't cost you any extra. You simply can follow the links to shopping sites, shop your little heart out, and a percentage of what you buy can be allocated to your Pure Charity account. You choose where your money goes, which projects and mission fields are closest to your heart. 

Personally, I do the majority of my Christmas shopping online. It's easier and I don't have to convince my little people to tolerate the stores! If I can do the shopping that I need to do AND be able to help others in need, I'm in! please, Please, PLEASE go join me. I know there are so many people who shop online. This is so easy!
Saturday, November 3, 2012

Something Sweet Saturdays

I spent the majority of today in Athens with my 4 favorite people. We cheered our Georgia Dawgs to victory over the Ole Miss Rebels. It was a great time with great friends!

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall mornings

It is a perfect Fall morning. I am making a point to soak it up. 

A certain little stinky boy came into my room at 630, yep, six thirty, this morning turning on lights and willing me to 'get.up! let'!!" So, we left sister bear snuggled up in my nice.warm.bed and went to make apple jelly biscuits at the stinky boy's request! : ) Apple jelly is his absolute favorite. 

We've snuggled, watched cartoons and started laundry.the never ending laundry. I'm thankful to have clothes to wash and a machine to wash them in. We're coloring and playing. There is a stinky puppy that desperately needs a bath. a house that needs cleaning. We're still in our pajamas at nearly 11am. And we may very well stay in them. all. day. long. 

These days are my absolute favorite. No place to go. No reason to rush. We can just be. 

i love sleepy eyes : ) 

So thankful for the opportunity to just be with my kiddos today. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween : )

disclaimer: I don't hate Halloween. I'm just not a huge fan. I prefer holidays with a meaning, a point. Dressing up like something you're not and eating a ton of sugar just isn't high on my list. end of party pooper mode. : )

We've yet to really 'do' Halloween with our kids. Don't get me wrong. They've dressed up. We generally go around to a couple of grandparent houses to show off costumes and get a FEW yummy treats.

Last night, the kiddos were introduced to real trick or treating. We met up with some of our favorite cousins, loaded up on the back of the truck, and pulled through a neighborhood down our street. They were HUGE fans. My little babies were true big kids...running door to door, ringing door bells, saying trick or treat and thank you, and sneaking candy in between. Thanks Kens and Kam for running with my littles.

My sweet cowgirl and handsome race car driver had a blast. We've introduced them to a brand new world of halloween....and we're in for the long haul. Can't wait to take their little costume clad selves trick or treating next year!


                                                    The cowgirl and race car driver with Kam : )


                                                      This race car driver pulls for the Dawgs!


Halloween turned out to be fun, but I'm excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time to start planning our big Thanksgiving dinner at our house! : )