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Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall mornings

It is a perfect Fall morning. I am making a point to soak it up. 

A certain little stinky boy came into my room at 630, yep, six thirty, this morning turning on lights and willing me to 'get.up! let'!!" So, we left sister bear snuggled up in my nice.warm.bed and went to make apple jelly biscuits at the stinky boy's request! : ) Apple jelly is his absolute favorite. 

We've snuggled, watched cartoons and started laundry.the never ending laundry. I'm thankful to have clothes to wash and a machine to wash them in. We're coloring and playing. There is a stinky puppy that desperately needs a bath. a house that needs cleaning. We're still in our pajamas at nearly 11am. And we may very well stay in them. all. day. long. 

These days are my absolute favorite. No place to go. No reason to rush. We can just be. 

i love sleepy eyes : ) 

So thankful for the opportunity to just be with my kiddos today. 

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