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Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Visit with Santa

We started taking Addi to see Santa at Phipps when she was only two months old. She was teeny tiny and oh-so-sweet. And I can't find those pictures on my computer so you'll just have to take my word for it. 

The tradition has continued every year. My mom always took my brothers and I to Phipps, so I want to continue on with that little bit of my childhood. It's always so fun for me. The cute outfits and dresses, coffee..... I just LOVE the entire experience. 

Christmas 2010

Feel free to notice the trend throughout these pictures. Apparently, the little lady has a process she goes through.... panic, freak out, relief. If memory serves me right, age 3 is when this madness began. Up until this point, Santa visits were FINE. enjoyable, memory-making opportunities. 

Bear even got to see Santa and still...panic

Santa's done. Relief! 

Notice the panic setting in

This little ham, he's a pro!

then....she FREAKED! and brother thinks she's ridiculous

This particular Santa visit was complete with ugly cry and uncontrollable slobber. 

Can you say embarassing? 

Sweet relief

I think that the hype of it all gets to my poor girl. She's hates attention. So, I figure that being in the middle of the mall, in front of a ton of people, with a sweet old guy she doesn't know, just doesn't sit well with her. She HATES it. So, our Santa at Phipps days may be over. I'm not sure yet. Maybe we'll try again next year. Maybe not. Who knows? 

You can see this post to see the beauty that is my girl with Santa on her terms. 

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