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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Our little farm....

If you follow me on social media or know me at all in real life, you know that we have started a little farming venture. One of the main reasons that we took the plunge and accepted the challenge of renovating this property that we currently are working on was so that our family would have the opportunity to farm.
 I grew up surrounded by animals daily from a very young age....let's say around 5 or so when we got our first cows. Our family eventually got goats as well. Those sweet little animals played a huge role in my childhood. There is something so special about the excitement and anticipation of living on a farm where animals are bred and born. We also learned a lot about hard work and never giving up. It wasn't always easy and, in some situations, there was very little hope. BUT...that never stopped me from trying to save every animal, up until the very end. We have raised more goats on a bottle than I can count. And, unfortunately, lost and buried more than I can count. Through it all though, we cared unconditionally. Every animal got a fair shot and a LOT of help. And they were always loved and treated with respect. There is a lot to be learned on a farm.
So, when we got the opportunity to start up our own farm, we jumped in with both feet! As soon as we could, we got ready to welcome our first chickens onto the farm. Lots and lots of research. Lots of clearing and building and securing. We have eventually worked our way up to around 40 chickens currently. Several of those are roosters, but the vast majority are laying hens. We chose ISA Browns and Plymouth Barred Rocks with a couple of Silkies and Rhode Island Reds mixed in. Those breeds made the cut because of their excellent resilience, incredible production ability and family-friendly temperament. All of our chickens have been purchased as chicks and raised on organic feed with no vaccines or antibiotics. We have loved educating our kids on the process of raising animals and how to properly treat and care for them. The chickens spend their days out ranging on our property, which has unfortunately led to the loss of a few animals. The benefit, however, greatly outweighs the dangers of ranging.
Gray, our Silkie rooster. (Formerly known as Estelle Gray, when we thought he was a she!) 

It has been fun (and a bit disgusting, honestly) to learn about the production of food in our country. We have gained a wealth of knowledge and a drive to do things a bit differently. Our goal is to educate our family on food production and instill a drive in them to have high expectations for what foods they use to nourish their bodies.

Some of the ladies here with Cocky Locky (our jerky Leghorn rooster)

I am excited to share our journey to a full functioning, production farm. Our desire is to let our animals live as they were created to live, love and respect them, and then utilize them to the best and fullest of our abilities. I hope that you will follow along on this journey!

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