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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

FOOD: what we eat and our food goals

Now that we've made it through the holidays and my birthday, it is definitely time to get our diet back on track. I say diet referring to the actual foods that we consume, not 'a diet' where our goal is to lose weight. Our goal is to have strong, healthy, capable bodies. The focus is not on an actual number on the scale, but how we feel and how well our bodies perform. I try to be careful to have positive body language so as to not cause the goods to develop negative body image. We generally are very particular about the food that ourselves and the kiddos consume. We like to consider food fuel for our bodies first, and a pleasure item second. I've had several friends that asked about what we eat, so I thought I would share some typical things that we do.

Our general belief is that whole foods are the best foods. My best advice is to read every label for every product that you buy. Ingredients should be natural and recognizable. I try not to buy anything with corn or fructose syrups or ingredients that I don't know about. We try to stay clear of additives and heavily processed foods. Food dye is generally not something that we have in our diets (except Red Velvet Cake for my birthday, hello!). Hutt is highly sensitive to food dye, especially red 40, and cannot control himself if he eats it. Imagine that he completely loses his mind and acts like a maniac. As far as gluten, we do try to do without when there are alternatives, but our diets do contain gluten. We use gluten-free pasta instead of regular. We do buy organic or natural when there is that option. Unfortunately, not every item is available organically grown each time we grocery shop. In that instance, we just try to choose the next best item.

Some things that we do not buy or keep on hand on a regular basis:
-chips, except tortilla chips
-gummies, fruit snacks, roll-ups, candy
-granola bars (generally are loaded with syrups and sugars)

We aim to keep our refrigerator and pantry stocked with whole fruits, veggies, and meats. We also do some whole grains and legumes as sides for our meals.
Due to Hess' allergies, we heavily limit milk (we use almond milk), ice cream, yogurt, and very little cheese. Thankfully, that is the only whole food allergy that we have in our family. So we are free to use nuts and other foods that may be allergens for others.

I'm excited to share more of what we're eating here! I hope that this will encourage good habits and help fuel some ideas for your own families. I'll share some about our breakfast meals and snack ideas later this week!

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