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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The morning after the championship.....

Thoughts from the morning after the National Championship:

On the morning after our beloved Dawgs lost the National Championship by three points in overtime to Alabama, my heart is stinging just a bit. In our house, we LOVE the Dawgs. “Go Dawgs! Sic ‘em!” are some of the first words that we try to teach our kids when they start talking. We do our very best to represent at every home game. We put game schedules on our calendars as soon as they’re released and do our darnedest to make those games. Our kids know who wears what jersey number and what position they play and what class they are. It’s just a big deal to us. We love the Dawgs! So, to say our hearts (along with all of Dawg Nation) are a little broken this morning is probably a bit of an understatement. BUT more than heartbroken, we are proud! This team, those seniors, our freshman quarterback and our coach have set a standard at the University of Georgia that won’t easily fall away. I am so proud that my sons got to see those big boys that they love cheering for kneel down in the end zone and pray before the game. I love that they hear Jake Fromm give all of the glory to God every single game. I hope that my kids can remember and take with them in their sporting events the sportsmanship, class, passion and composure that our boys have played with this season.
We didn’t get the result that we wanted last night. I wanted to see Coach Smart lift that trophy high above his head while the confetti fell, but it just didn’t happen that way this year. I won't say 'there's always next year' because this year was the year. It has been an incredible year, not one to brush aside because of three points.

Seniors: Hold your heads high! You have done great things this year. You have set an expectation for loyalty, sportsmanship, composure, and level of play that will last far beyond the last time you walked off that field. Dawg Nation appreciates your dedication to this team and program. We can’t wait to see where your futures take you.

Coach Smart: You have changed the direction of the football program. You have launched this team onto a trajectory where the sky is the limit. The level of commitment, the "all in" mentality that you encouraged our players to adopt, the expectations that you created are not easily matched or found. I can’t wait to see how high and how far you lead the team. This is a new and exhilarating era for Georgia football.

Now that the 2017 season has ended, we are excited to see where this coming season takes the team! Dawg Nation will be there all the way, cheering those boys on.

Keep chopping, Dawgs!
Keep the main thing the main thing!
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