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Monday, January 8, 2018

Today is for the DAWGS!

I had some other plans and thoughts to share today......but our excitement level is just over the top for our DAWGS! 

This season has been so fun and exhilarating! We've loved cheering our dawgs on every step of the way. Even though we haven't been at every game, our hearts have been there and we've been watching! 

SEC Championship! We just knew our dawgs could beat the Tigers!

We've believed this team was special from the very beginning and are just thrilled to see them go all the way to the National Championship today! I have loved watching their dedication to each other and to their coaches. I have loved Kirby and the way he can light a fire in the players. Their belief in him and his coaching is just awesome to watch! 

Pre-Rose Bowl excitement and Post Rose Bowl elation

The kids are so excited and loving every minute of this season and the championships! They're so used to going to games and can't understand why they've missed the championships and Rose Bowl. 

Tonight, we will be yelling "Go DAWGS! Sic 'em! Beat Bama!"
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