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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Weekend Snaps

This weekend proved to be a very eventful one! Technically, the weekend starts on Friday for myself and our littlest man. Generally our Fridays consist of cleaning and grabbing lunch. This past Friday, I decided to add a little excitement by ripping a fingernail off and spending the day having that taken care of. So thankful for a sweet friend who stepped in and made that a tad easier to deal with. 
Also...don't ever rip off a fingernail. It doesn't stop hurting and, apparently, takes a year to grow back. 

Saturday really kicked off our sports seasons for us. Both of the boys raced in their first BMX State Qualifier of the season. Its a fun series that lasts until September where you earn points for your finish each race. It culminates with a championship race and the champion gets a special #1 plate for their bike and a State Champion book bag. [Our big guy is hoping to earn his fourth consecutive title this year!] 

This weekend, Hutt raced up with the 9 intermediate riders. He fought hard and finished 3rd....super proud of him! Those guys were big! Hess raced his balance bike with the four year olds and won all of his little races. Balance bikes are so fun and a great opportunity for the kids to learn the tracks and race basics. I think someone is ready for his pedal bike! 

AK & I had a sweet little morning together. We went to the nail salon to have my powder color removed....I was feeling a little intimidated by it after the nail situation. Then we were off to celebrate our favorite little Tate! We can't believe he is one already! He had the sweetest little Monster Bash!
After the party, we were off to the world of softball. Scrimmages and practice are in full swing.

With softball scrimmages and lacrosse practice really starting back up this week, we are back to the grind and craziness of sports. Our kids participate in three arduous sports! I need all the simplify tactics I can get.... Favorite crockpot meals, organization ideas, podcasts (for driving and WAITING), the best pandora stations. 

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