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Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Snaps

We had the best low key weekend! Those don't happen very often this time of year for us. We had a great dinner and fun time with friends on Friday night. Hutt had a friend over to spend the night, which was fun. We are just getting into having boys sleep over. It's a great kind of different from the girls....less squealing and drama and a lot of roughness and noise! Both are awesome and it's so fun to have the kids' friends over. Saturday was pretty free with only one practice to get to. The sweetest daddy took all of the kids to the trampoline park and let this mama go to the nail salon. 
Sundays are my favorite days to just relax. We made it to church on time with no rushing and enjoyed a sweet lunch just the five of us. The rain caused all of our afternoon games and races to be cancelled. SO we got to come home and change into pjs. We spent the whole afternoon relaxing, watching the Olympics, relaxing, catching up on laundry and relaxing! There was definitely a relaxing/napping theme to our day. Games and races are always exciting to watch, but the days at home just being with my people will always be my favorites. 

When it was time to go out and feed the animals and put them up for the night, no one wanted to come out of their pjs. So we just went out in our robes and pjs! (and undies, for one little naked cowboy!)  
My pretty girl is getting too big!
I'm having to work really hard lately on being present and not letting the rushed, busy-ness of life weigh me down. These kids are growing at lightning speed and if I spend all of my time cleaning, organizing, creating, and nagging I am going to miss the most important days! So I'm working on better using my time to get things finished and having more time to really be present. I want to listen more with my eyes locked on theirs. I want to truly hear their stories and remember their expressions. There is a balance to marking things off of the to-do list and really being present for my people. I haven't been great at keeping the balance over the past couple of months, but I'm working at getting better! Our low key weekend was just what I needed to recharge for the week ahead! 

Speaking of the week ahead, Happy LOVE week! We're off to do our last minute Valentine picking today! Enjoy the extra excuse to love on all of your people! 
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