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Monday, March 26, 2018

Weekend Snaps!

Our weekend was so full! We are in this season of life where our weekends revolve mostly around sports game times and tournaments...well, actually our whole life, not just our weekends. It can be stressful and, honestly, irritating at times but it is absolutely, hands-down worth it. We have made some absolutely amazing friends around the sports fields and bike tracks! And our kids have been able to enjoy some great experiences while learning valuable life lessons along the way. 

The weekend started off with a lacrosse scrimmage on Friday night. Hutt's team split and scrimmaged each other and then scrimmaged the next age level. They played an awesome little game and were able to beat the older kids 3-0. So incredible proud of his team and how hard they work. They truthfully are a talented bunch of early elementary kids with some super skills with a lacrosse stick. It has been so fun to see Hutt grow and learn through the sport, but my most proud moments come when he isn't necessarily in the middle of a play. I'd dare say that his sportsmanship and kindness are unmatched. He is always quick to offer a high five or pat on the back for a job well done or a helping hand when there is a need. He's just an all around super kid. I couldn't adore him more! 

And he has some pretty adoring siblings.

Saturday brought us another lacrosse game and the beginnings of a softball tournament. Hutt and his lacrosse team fought a physical battle and came away with another wind. They are undefeated on the season and leading their league. I don't have any pictures from his Saturday games because, well, dad can't coach and take pictures at the same time. 

Our Titans started off their two day tournament with a bang. They played four games on Saturday, outscoring their opponents 47-6! I'm pretty sure that they had the most fun they've had since the team got together in the Fall. It was a great day that afforded us some great softball and lots of good times with our friends. Unfortunately, Mother Nature flooded the fields early Sunday morning and ruined our girls' plans to take the tournament! But they're already excited to get back at it for the next tournament. It brings us such joy to see these girls work hard, make it through adversity, and learn more than just softball on that field. Through all of our sports endeavors, our goal is for our kids to learn more life skills than sports skills. If they can be better mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, doctors, teachers, missionaries (whatever the Lord has written in their story) because of it, then it will have been undoubtedly worth every second and every penny. 

Since the rain called the tournament off for Sunday, we got to enjoy a big breakfast and church, lunch with family, and some much needed farm time Sunday afternoon. Ranger got some extra love from all of the kids. Pretty sure that he missed us on Saturday as he was really enjoying all of the extra attention! He just lets the kids rub and touch all over him. We got some pretty bird feeders hung in our backyard, dirt moved to help keep the chickens inside the pasture and out of our backyard, and extra attention for everyone to start the week off. It was such a nice and relaxed way to end our weekend.

We crashed for movie time....have y'all seen The Greatest Showman? We are HUGE fans. The soundtrack has been on repeat since it was released and now the movie is following in the same tracks. There are so many opportunities throughout the movie for really good conversation and learning experiences. And its just a magnificent story line with amazing music! Just overall a top favorite movie, EVER! Such an exhausting weekend caught up with our little guy though. He was out like a light before we even got meatball subs finished for dinner. 

I am just so thankful for this crew! It is a joy to get to do life together and an honor to have been entrusted these babies to raise. (even though they aren't babies anymore. look at how long Hess' legs are getting!!!) 
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